Course Overview

Who is this course designed for?

This nationally recognised qualification provides learners with the skills and knowledge to work in Australia’s Voctional Education and Training industry. Whether you are interested in persuing a career with TAFE or a private RTO, as a workplace assessor or a training advisor, this qualification will enable you to utilise your skills to mentor and trainer the next generation of professionals.

Entry Requirements

Those entering this program must be able to demonstrate vocational competency in their proposed teaching and assessing area. Vocational competency is defined as broad industry knowledge and experience, and may include, but is not limited to, holding a relevant unit of competency or qualification. Delivery and assessment of units of competency in this program will allow candidates to demonstrate consistent performance in actual workplaces or in conditions that replicate the workplace. As outlined earlier, all participants will have access to a suitable environment or environments in which to conduct the learning, assessment and review activities required by the program.

It is for this reason essential that participants completing delivery via our virtual classroom model, are currently employed in an organisation in which they have access to an environment in which they may undertake the following:

  • Deliver training on at least one occasion, including to a group that includes one learner with LLN support needs
  • Deliver workplace training to individuals on at least 2 occasion/

In addition to those essential resource requirements, it is desirable that participants also have access to an environment in which they may undertake the following:

  • may deliver group training on at least 2 further occasions, with at least one group that includes not less than 8 participants
  • may conduct the assessment of not less than 5 candidates each against a complete unit of competency, with not less than 2 instances of conducting

For those participants for whom the non-essential requirements are not available, further practice environments will be provided during the Face to Face delivery and will be constructed in such a way as to realistically reflect the actual workplace and reflect the environment in which candidates will be practising in future. Where it is necessary, and considered appropriate, opportunities for assessment may be negotiated to occur in tandem with other scheduled classes. In these situations, the time involved will be additional to the time allocated to instruction and learning.

Resource requirements will be discussed with prospective participants prior to enrolment. Where a prospective client does not have access to one or more of the resources required, and this cannot be confidently accommodated through alternative arrangements, enrolment will be declined.

Course Outline

Training and assessment are conducted using simulated workplace environment. Participants will then use the resources provided to assist them with their ongoing learning. Trainer support is available via one-on-one Zoom meetings, group Zoom meetings and face to face meetings

Our virtual classroom participants are required to attend our two-day workshops where they can undertake assessment activities for the unit TAEASS402- Assess Competence and BSBCMM401 – Make a presentation

TAEASS401 Plan assessment activities and processes
TAEASS402 Assess competence
TAEASS403 Participate in assessment validation
TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools
TAEDEL401 Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning
TAEDEL402 Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace
TAEDES401 Design and develop learning programs
TAEDES402 Use training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs
TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills
BSBCMM401 Make a presentation
Types of Delivery

10-day program 12-months to complete 1 day per week (8am-4pm)
20-evenings program 12-months to complete 2 evenings per week (5pm-9pm)

Virtual Class 6month program 10 fortnightly sessions (3.5hours)

Virtual Class 12month program 10 monthly sessions (3.5 hours)
Suitability Self-Assessment

Equinox Training Suitability Self-Assessment

Equinox Training is committed to informed decision making. It is not in our students’ interests nor in our own for people to enrol in programs of study that are in any way unsuitable for them. To ensure that your expectations match our reality, we invite you to consider each of the following questions before deciding to enrol. It is a short list but an important one.

Please consider each question carefully:

  1. Do you have the ability to work independently, and seek assistance when required?
  2. Do you have any prior study, work experience or employment that is related to this program
    of study? Are you currently employed in a role that is related to this program of study?
  3. Have you spoken with our staff about any possible barriers that you are aware of that might prevent you from succeeding with this program of study?
  4. For students enrolling in programs with the intention of gaining RPL or upgrading through credit transfer, have you familiarised yourself with the various unit and program requirements, such as through conversation with a Trainer or through reading of the units of competency available at, to confirm you are likely to meet the requirements?
  5. For RPL, do you have someone who possesses at least the qualification you are seeking to attain and has relevant recent experience who can comment on your knowledge and skills?
  6. Do you have the necessary computer skills and Windows-based IT-resources to participate in the program?
  7. Have you received sufficient information to ensure that you know what your program of study involves, its prerequisites, and how it will be delivered and assessed, including the availability and suitability of Units?
  8. Have you read through each Chapter of the Equinox Training Student Handbook and in doing so are aware of, among others: your rights and how they will be protected; the training products and support services being offered by Equinox Training; the fees, refunds and related conditions associated with this course; procedures for extending and/or deferring this course; and, the complaints, appeals, anti-discrimination and privacy policies as outlined by Equinox Training?
  9. Are you aware of the practical requirements for your chosen program?                                                                                                                                                                                                         – Deliver 2 presentations (1 x 1 minute, and 2 x 40 minute) – BSBCMM401
    – Conduct workplace facilitation (2 people) – TAEDEL402
    – Plan and conduct assessments for 5 people – TAEASS401, TAEASS402, TAEASS403. TAEASS502
    – Design a 3 hour program and deliver a 60 minute session – TAELNN411
  10. Are you aware of the LLN requirements for your chosen program? (Note: Further details of these are provided below. If you would like to have your LLN skill levels evaluated prior to commencing, you can indicate that on the enrolment form).

If you have answered “No” to any questions, we require you to speak with us prior to enrolling so that we can be sure that you are enrolling in a program that is suitable to your needs, and advise you if the program is not suitable. Our phone number is 07 3106 3859.

Specific requirements for each of our main program areas are included below. These are in addition to the items listed above.

TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

  • Access to the internet and a suitable work procesor (e.g. Microsoft Word)
  • For recording practical skills tasks, a suitable video recording device (e.g. webcam)
  • A group of at least 8 learners to deliver training to, and not less than 2 individuals with who to practise and deliver training in the workplace or in a simulated workplace environment. Not less than one will need to have LLN support needs. (if not in a face-to-face class)
  • Not less than 5 individuals with whom to practise and conduct assessment. (if not in a face-to-face class)
  • Suitably qualified observers (ideally they will hold the TAE40110/TAE40116 Cert IV TAE or higher TAE qualification) for the observation or recording of your delivery of training. (if not in a face-to-face class)
  • Suitable venues in which to conduct the above. (if not in a face-to-face class)
  • Evidence of vocational competency in your proposed teaching and assessing area. Vocational competency is defined as broad industry knowledge and experience, and may include, but is not limited to, holding a relevant unit of competency or qualification. (For most people, it will simply be a matter of providing a copy of some other qualification, skill set, or statement of attainment. If you do not possess another qualification, then we would require you to provide a CV that shows your broad industry knowledge and experience, combined with a Position Description and Third Party Report from someone who can attest to your experience.)

ACSF LLN Skills Demands of this Program:

  • Learning: 3
  • Reading: 3/4
  • Writing: 3/4
  • Oral Communication: 3/4
  • Numeracy: 3

All potential students should consult with a Trainer prior to enrolling to ensure that they are aware of the requirements for the units that they wish to enrol in.

Further Information

Clauses 1.13-16 of the Standards for RTOs (2015) make clear the requirements for Trainers/Assessors from 1 July, 2019, which include:
The RTO’s training and assessment:
a) if delivered on or prior to 30 June 2019, is delivered only by persons who have the training and assessment credential specified in Item 1 or Item 2 or Item 3 of Schedule 1.
b) if delivered on or after 1 July 2019, is delivered only by persons who have the training and assessment credential specified in Item 2 or Item 3 of Schedule 1.

People intending on enrolling in any program, or single unit, are advised to refer to the Schedule listed above and prior to enrolling satisfy themselves regarding what they need to do (if anything) in order to meet the requirements, and if unsure, then to contact us to gain specific advice based on specific circumstances.
People intending to enrol should also satisfy themselves that they have sufficient time to complete the program, and be aware that for programs involving TAELLN411, access to a real vocational learner with LLN support needs is required.

When you have carefully considered the above information and are satisfied that you meet all requirements, we invite you to enrol by clicking here:


The following process applies to enrolment and selection

Step 1

Contact Equinox Training

2-9/20 King Streeet, Caboolture, QLD 4510

PO Box 474, Caboolture, QLD 4510

P: 07 31063859



Step 2

Contact Point

Equinox encourages all prospective students to speak with them before enrolment. This process is valuable in discussing the program requirements (including resources to be provided by the student), reviewing the learners’ existing skills and knowledge and identifying any possible obstacles or barriers, as well as getting to know the students.

Students who are not deemed suitable will be provided with reasons, and advice on steps that they can take to improve their suitability for our programs.

Step 3


Complete the enrolment process, the first step of which is to complete a Suitability Self-Assessment prior to completing the enrolment form. We will then be in touch to confirm your enrolment

Step 4

Get Started!!

Enrich Plus – Online/Virtual – 12 month enrolment
Empower Plus – Online/Virtual – 6 month enrolment
Exceed Plus -10 days face to face/ 20 evenings face to face + 12 month enrolment