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Assist clients with medication (HLTHPS006)

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We hope to be able to give you all the information that you need in your decision to undertake our stand-alone unit of competency, HLTHPS006 Assist clients with medications. As you look through this page, you will see how we deliver this course, what the assessment requirements are and what roles or additional duties you may be able to undertake in your role as a Professional Care Worker.

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About the Program…


When you are ready to enrol in this course, you can complete the online enrolment form, and one of our Enrolment Specialists will contact you to confirm your enrolment. At this point you are able to pay for your course, or arrange for an invoice to be sent directly to you. Please note: you are unable to commence your pre-course assessment until your course fees are paid.

Information about our Payment and Refund policies can be found below.

Pre-Course Assessment

You will receive your login details to access your pre-course assessment. The assessment consists of 74 multiple choice questions. You will require a pass mark of 85% or higher to be eligible to book into the Day 1 Workshop. But don’t fear… you will have a second attempt to complete it…

Once we receive your passed assessment will receive an invitation to select your preferred Day 1 Workshop, and the Learning Material required for the theoretical assessment.

The Workshop dates are available here.

The Workshop

The Workshop involves:

  • Learning from our Enrolled/Registered Nurse, the knowledge and skills required to successfully complete the requirements of the unit
  • Practice simulating the 7 practical exercises
  • Completing your Practical Assessment.

The requirements of the practical assessments involve:

  • Assisting 5 people with their self-medication in accordance with a care plan, using at least 5 different types of medication, through 3 different modes of administration.

Submitting your Assessment

Your written assessment involves:

  • Answering 39 short answer questions, and
  • Undertaking 10 medication research tasks

This assessment is required to be submitted within 14 days of completing the Workshops.

What you will learn…

1.1 Establish scope of own ability to provide assistance with medication according to organisation guidelines and jurisdictional regulatory requirements

1.2 Identify lines of authority to delegate the task, accountability and actions to be taken to handle contingencies

1.3 Confirm that equipment and all forms of medication to be administered are complete, ready for distribution and up to date

1.4 Confirm with supervisor the authority to proceed with assisting in the processes used in delivery of medication to clients

1.5 Follow infection prevention and control procedures

2.1 Clarify specific assistance required to address personal needs of each client

2.2 Identify level and type of supervision required by client for assistance with medications within organisation policies and work role responsibilities

2.3 Correctly identify and greet each client, explain administration procedures and prepare them for medication

2.4 Check individual client medications according to organisation procedures

2.5 Prior assisting client with their medication, check for presence of any client physical or behavioural changes and report to supervisor or health professional

2.6 Recognise circumstances in which medication administration should not proceed and seek advice of supervisor or health professional

3.1 Prompt client to take medication at correct time

3.2 Prepare medications and support clients with administration of medication according to legislation, organisation policies, medication requirements and individual care plans

3.3 Make checks to ensure the right medication is given at the right time, to the right person, in the right amount, via the right route

3.4 Oversee and observe clients when taking medication and confirm with them their ingestion or completion

3.5 Implement documented procedures for medication not being administered or absorbed

3.6 Complete medication administration records according to organisation procedures and regulatory requirements

3.7 Observe client for changes in condition and report to supervisor or health professional as required by organisation procedures

4.1 Report any concerns with the administration of medication to supervisor and/or health professional according to organisation procedures and protocols

4.2 Identify, report, record and address individual’s reactions to medication according to organisation guidelines and health professional’s instructions

4.3 Clearly identify contaminated or out of date medication and implement organisation’s procedures for safe and appropriate disposal

4.4 Identify, report and record changes in individual’s condition, within essential timeframes where relevant, according to organisation guidelines

4.5 Identify procedures to address/respond to changes in the client’s condition or needs according to the organisation’s guidelines

4.6 Promptly report any inconsistencies observed with the medication or client to the supervisor or health professional and take action according to their direction

4.7 Document and address all inconsistencies according to organisation guidelines and procedures

5.1 Discard waste products according to organisation procedures and manufacturer’s instructions

5.2 Collect used equipment, discarded medications/applicators and rubbish and place in appropriate/designated receptacle according to instructions

5.3 Clean and store unused and used medication containers and administration aids in accordance with infection control guidelines

5.4 Follow the organisation’s arrangements and procedures to replenish dose administration aids and supplies of medications

5.5 Store medication charts, care plans or treatment sheets according to organisation procedures

5.6 Complete medication storage procedures in compliance with legislation and own role responsibility

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