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A message from the Directors…

Thanks for considering us as your training partner. We are both passionate about the healthcare and aged care industry, having a combined 30 years experience in aged care and disability services. We are committed to ensuring that our learners are job ready, prepared and confident. Thats why at Equinox, you aren’t just another body through the door. We want to know your motivations and support you to find what it is you are passionate about.

We have selected and partnered with 2 great Registered Training Organisations so we can provide the training services we believe our industry needs. We specialize in training for the aged care and community sector, and business, and we aim to provide holistic and comprehensive solutions to our participants and our industry partners, that focusses on quality, compassion and competence.

So welcome, and we wish you all the success on your journey

Zac and Jess


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